Boarding Services

At Leander Vet Clinic we serve a wide variety of pet parents from college students heading out of town for a few days, to families with a few dogs and cats venturing out on an extended vacation.

We want to make sure that our clients have a place they can bring their pets while they are away knowing their furry family member will be well cared for. We treat these guys as family because that is what they deserve and are accustomed to.

When we built the new hospital, we created a smaller boarding facility by design.

Our goal was to keep the number of residents manageable so that we always know what is going on with each and every one of our boarders.

It is very important that your pets are relaxed and enjoy their time with us so you can feel confident that they’re in good hands. We promise to treat every pet as we do our own personal fur-babies.

We have a separate feline ward so our feline patients and residents are not stressed out by their barking neighbors. One of our feline rooms was strategically placed in front of a bank of windows with bird feeders for those who enjoy a bit of “bird TV”.


All of our boarding kennels are indoors and we have accommodations for up to 30 dogs with four dog runs for larger boarders. Dogs are walked three times a day in an enclosed, grassy area so they can get plenty of exercise and attention.

Veterinary Services While Boarding

While your pets are staying with us, this is often a great time to get them up to speed on their routine care. Maybe a teeth cleaning, nail clipping, heartworm test, vaccinations, bath, or any other procedure the need. Just let us know when you book their stay and we will handle the rest.


The Clinic is also the ideal place to board for pets that have a medical condition that requires some extra care and attention. All of our boarders are kept under direct supervision by a veterinarian.


We keep any sick or contagious animals well separated in a different area of the clinic from our healthy pets, both so they can get the care they need and so there is no chance of your healthy boarder getting sick while during their stay.

 If you know that you will be traveling and need boarding for your pets, please call us today and let us know. We do not always require reservations for pet boarding, but during the holidays when we expect to be full we will take reservations to ensure your pet a spot with us.  

If you have any questions or need more details, please feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to go over any specifics.

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